About Us

Micros Leasing is an experienced team of finance professionals dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each customer.

Our partnership with MICROS gives us a unique understanding of the products that will help you run your business more effectively.

Micros Leasing's options are much more diverse than most other financing choices. Whatever your equipment requirements, your cash flow situation, or your credit rating, we find ways to make a deal work.

We offer competitive rates, best-in-class technology and personalized service. If you need help, we’re easy to reach and quick to respond.

Industry professionals know that MICROS is the right choice for business equipment and that Micros Leasing is the best choice for financing.

Call us today or Apply Now. We’ll take it from there so you can focus on putting that crucial equipment to good use.

The Micros Leasing Team

Angela Blanch

Angela R. Cash

Phone: 888-428-4838

Email: angela@microsleasing.com

Greg Hawthorne

Greg Hawthorne

Phone: 888-428-4838

Email: greg@microsleasing.com