Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Advantages of Leasing vs. Buying Equipment?

Leasing is a flexible financing choice that preserves cash by reducing upfront costs. Your equipment can start paying for itself immediately.

How Easy is the Application Process and How Quick are Approvals?

You can apply online with a minimum of paperwork. We'll get you a fast answer, often within one business day.

Can a Lease Include Installation, Training and Maintenance?

Soft costs like delivery, service and related peripherals can be included in your equipment lease and rolled into a single monthly payment. Micros Leasing can also finance 100 percent software-only leases if needed.

How are Technology Updates and Equipment Upgrades Handled?

In today's rapidly changing business environment, leases can adapt to keep you in front of the curve.

What is the leasing process?

It’s a straightforward process for customers who simply fill out an application. The Micros Leasing team then processes the application to review credit information. Once the application is approved, we send a proposal to the appropriate contact within the customer organization, followed by lease documents with appropriate terms for signature.

Once this is done, a purchase order is submitted to the equipment vendor. When the equipment is delivered to the customer, Micros Leasing pays for the equipment and the lease commences.

What is the advance payment on a lease?

We normally require an advance payment of the first and last monthly payments. However, many of our programs require only one, or even no advanced payments, to help you minimize your upfront expense!

When do the lease payments begin?

The payments will begin roughly 30 days after you receive your equipment.

Do the lease payments increase over time?

No. A lease payment is fixed at the beginning of the term which allows for easier budgeting and cash flow planning.

Is there a penalty for paying off the lease early?

No. If you want to pay the lease off early, simply pay the total of the remaining payments on the lease. There are no extra fees or penalties.

What type of equipment can I finance? Must the equipment be new?

Micros Leasing offers financing on most any kind of equipment you might need, including used equipment. What’s more, if you’ve recently purchased equipment and are finding the purchase to be a cash flow burden, we can buy the equipment and lease it back to you – often helping to significantly free up your cash flow.