Services and Support

Micros Leasing takes care of all the details throughout the leasing process, from the moment we receive your application until the delivery of your equipment.


You can count on Micros Leasing for easy access and a quick response to any question or issue. Just call us at 888-428-4838 or e-mail and we'll take care of any need you might have.

  • A comprehensive search for the best leasing option from a wide variety of finance sources.
  • A customized approach to fit your needs. If you need to adjust your payments to reflect seasonal changes in your business, Micros Leasing can make it work. If you want to sell and lease back older equipment to help with your cash flow, Micros Leasing can work with you. And if an issue arises during the course of your lease, talk to us.

Micros Leasing is here to meet your needs from the submission of your application right through the final payment.